House of Healers is an intersection of culture, healing, art, and community. Founded by artist, visionary, and teacher Maddie Lam, House of Healer is a manifestation of the dream to live a liberated life rooted in authentic self-expression, community connections, and positive impact.


By integrating social justice and the healing arts, we offer space to gather, discuss, participate, and receive. It is our mission to uplift the consciousness of all humans and help people tap into their innate healing wisdom. House of Healers is nestled in a cozy nook north of Boston, MA.


What we believe

the revolutionary beings inside: a poem

We believe that healing as a form of resistance. We believe in a decolonizing praxis. We believe in the power of community, of people coming together and speaking their truth.

We believe in miracles and magic. We believe dreams do come true. We honor the murmur of a heart that craves for a deeper way of being a heart that knows there is a different way of being.

We believe in ourselves in each other that a more beautiful, more liberated world can exist, where power is shared where white supremacy, colonialism, and classism has seen its days and where our bodies are free, well-rested, and celebrated in its divinity.

We believe dance can heal us and so can laughter. We believe dance connects us to ancestors and each other. We believe each one of us 

is the chosen one.


Meet The Team

Maddie L-32.jpeg

Maddie Lam

Founder & Owner

Maddie Lam is an artist, healer, and teacher. Whether it is with her music, poetry, art, or her workshops, classes, and one-on-one sessions, Maddie is always looking to create spaces where people can authentically express themselves.

Jordan Grinstein

Lead Facilitator

Jordan's uses meditation, mindfulness, and yoga to help others transform their personal and professional lives. With nine years of experience as a teacher, Jordan offers Life Coaching, Ayurvedic Consultations, and heart-opening workshops to the Boston-area.


Studio Dog

Meet our dog Bekah! Bekah enjoys swimming and eating. She is a calm down who loves lounging in the studio sun and getting down and groovy at House of Healer's dance parties.


The body is not only a site where we can reclaim healing, but a political site where we learn to reclaim power.