Alarm App That Can Use Spotify

Now thanks to the jailbreak tweak SpotAlarm, fans of the streaming music service Spotify can use any Spotify track as an alarm. The tweak is compatible with iOS 8 and iOS 9 on jailbroken devices. Once installed, SpotAlarm offers simple options under Settings. Spotify support was added last year. Pandora and YouTube Music have been added as alarm options to the Google Clock app, Android’s default alarm clock. The functionality was added with version 6.

Method 2. How to Set Spotify Songs as Alarm on Android

Use Spotify as Alarm on Android with Google Clock App

Can you set Spotify as an alarm on Android devices directly? The good news for Android phone users is that Google announced Google Clock. It's one of the best clock apps get a big upgrade with support for music alarms thanks to a new partnership with Spotify.

That's to say, you will be able to play Spotify playlist as alarm on Android phones via Google Clock app. Choosing any Spotify song, track, playlist or artist as your alarm is now easier than ever.

Before getting started, please make sure you have downloaded and installed Google Clock and Spotify app from Google Play on your Android device. In general, the Clock app is pre-installed on Android smartphone running Android 5.0 or later, but you still need to check whether it's the latest version.

Now, Let's see how to set your alarm sound to a Spotify song or playlist in Google Clock.

Alarm App That Can Use Spotify

Step 1. Open Google Clock app on your Android phone and go to the 'ALARM' tab to tap an alarm you'd like to edit or tap '+' button to create a new one.

Step 2. Tap the alarm 'SOUND' icon (just looks like a bell) and swipe over to the 'SPOTIFY' option.

Step 3. You will be required to connect with Spotify by clicking the 'Connect' tab to continue and hitting on 'OKAY' to confirm it.

Step 4. Tap any track, album or playlist to preview it and choose as your alarm. A checkmark indicates your choice is set.

Step 5. After you have set your loved Spotify song as an alarm, please go back to the 'ALARM' button. And then you can set the alarm time, vibrate mode and other settings as you like.

How To Use Spotify App

Note: When the alarm time comes, the music you set will play in your phone automatically. You can choose to either snooze it or turn it off. After turning the Spotify alarm off, you still can keep listening by clicking on the 'Continue Playing' tab.

Set Spotify Songs as Alarm on Android with SpotOn

Apart from the Google Clock app, SpotOn is a similar tool that can be used to set alarm for Android devices with Spotify songs. Because it is easy to operate, it is popular with Android users. Only doing two steps, you can set Spotify as alarm on Android.

Step 1. Download and open SpotOn app on your Android phone, and then sign in your Spotify account to choose 'WAKE' option and create a new alarm.

Step 2. Adjust the alarm time and then touch the 'TAP TO SELECT MUSIC' button to choose your favorite Spotify song or playlist as an alarm.

There are also some other powerful features that you can set for your Spotify alarm. For example, you can add a fade in effect, show notifications, etc. You can find effects more by using this great Spotify alarm app.

Trouble getting up in the morning? Don’t worry. Whether you’re looking to hit the snooze button or need a jolt of energy, Spotify and the Clock app from Google™ will now offer the perfect soundtrack to start your day.

Starting today, Spotify and Google are partnering to help both and free and Premium users on Android™ phones to set their own unique alarms with music from Spotify’s 35 million track catalog. Setting a personal soundtrack to your waking moments has never been easier.

“We’re excited to bring the ability to personalize your alarms on the Clock app from Google with the incredible music catalog from Spotify,” says Jorge Espinel, VP Business Development at Spotify. “This has been a top Spotify user request for years, and we can’t wait to see music fans picking their favorite tracks, artists, and playlists to kick-start their day.”

Simply open up the Clock app from Google™, connect and authenticate your Spotify account, and you’re ready to:

Set your personal alarm soundtrack

Make your way to the ‘Alarms’ tab to find instant music recommendations and effortlessly search and select any track, album, artist or playlist from Spotify to greet you the following morning. The same great experience is also available for our free users in shuffle mode.

Continue listening throughout your morning

To make sure you hit the ground running, Spotify has filled the tab inside the Clock app from Google™ with personalized recommendations from your recently played music, as well as curated Spotify morning playlists including I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning, Have a Great Day!, and Songs to Sing in the Shower.

Once you turn off the alarm, you’ll see an option to ‘Continue Playing’, offering a seamless way to continue listening and set you up for a productive day with Spotify.

The Clock app from Google™ comes preinstalled on some Android devices & is available for download via the Google Play store for all Android mobile users.

Alarm App That Can Use Spotify Username

The integration will be rolling out to all users on Android over the next few days*.

Rise and shine!

*Users in all 65 markets where Spotify is available.

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Update August 10, 2020: We’re excited to introduce a new feature within the Clock app from Google “Bedtime” functionality in which users can select Sleep sounds from specifically-curated sleep and relaxation Spotify playlists, or search for specific content to play. Plus, after content is selected, users can set a timer for the audio to stop playing. Happy dreaming!