A Social Justice Yoga Teacher Training

Join the revolution.

Bloom is a 200 Hour Social Justice Yoga Teacher Training Certification program founded and led by Madeline Lam. Bloom welcomes folx from all walks of live. Our program is focused on helping trainees' unpack trauma, confront and transform internalized oppression, embody decolonization, teach inclusive yoga, and answer their dreams' calling. 

Participants will 

  • receive a 200 Hour Teaching Certification accredited by Yoga Alliance upon completion 

  • facilitate transformative embodied awareness experiences for peers, adults, and community with a trauma-informed and culturally responsive approach

  • learn, heal, and grow in a community that fosters authentic self-expression and connection

  • gain Ayurvedic and Yogic self-care and self-love tools, understanding preservation is a political tool

*Bloom is a Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Registered Yoga School*


Social Justice Framework

Our Philosophy & Praxis


What is embodiment?

Embodiment is the practice of befriending our bodies. It centers our body as a source of wisdom and knowledge. Our bodies hold trauma, and through including the body's truth, we can confront, heal, and transform ourselves and our culture. 

Whiteness is a manifestation of privilege and power. Privilege and power are manifestations of disembodiment. In order to oppress another person, the privileged group must be disconnected from their own bodies and hearts. Thus, oppression is rooted in lovelessness. In our yoga teacher training, we will gain vocabulary to discuss, grapple with, and dismantle colonial systems of oppression.

For people of color, we become disembodied because of trauma: because racism, sexism, classism, and other forms of oppression are acts of spiritual warfare. Through practices of embodiment, our bodies are not only political sites, but sites where we can reclaim our humanity, power, and healing. Embodiment becomes a path to liberation.

Your dreams & Calling

At Bloom, trainees will not only learn how to use embodiment as a social justice framework and learn how to facilitate transformative experiences, but students will also have a chance to answer their inner calling in the support of sacred community. 

I believe that our dreams are tied to the betterment of community. The act of visioning, dreaming of a new reality is a social justice practice: we are literally reimagining our world. Our deepest yearnings, when ignored, call us. And its time to answer. And here is a place for us to conceive, nurture, and birth our dreams, collectively.

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Sliding Scale Payment Option

Bloom welcomes all humans from all walks of life. We use an investment model that acknowledges, celebrates and respects the diversity of abundance, circumstance and opportunity which exists amongst us. We offer a sliding scale for our intensive training of $500-$2000. We also have payment plans available.

We are committed to making to making our work accessible to all people. If you feel called to please reach out to us and we will make it work with work-studies & scholarships.

Behind Bloom

by Maddie Lam

Growing up in the same immigrant & POC community that I started the healing center, I never examined the intersection between my personal trauma and larger structures of power. It wasn't until I was force to grapple with my own childhood trauma, ancestral grief, and institutionalized racism at college where I understood that my body was not only a site of healing, but a political site to reclaim power.

I created Bloom, a social justice yoga teacher training, to offer others the tools that I have learned from indigenous teachers, radical Black feminists, liberation theologists, and most importantly, my own lived experience as a woman of color and a child of immigrants. My goal is to create a space for people from all walks of life to decolonize Self, heal generational trauma, and manifest their dreams for collective liberation.

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