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Method 3. How to Stream Spotify on Multiple Devices via Spotify Connect

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Solved: Listen to Spotify Offline with Spotify Free. Spotify is an amazing app if you are wanting to listen to music. You don't actually BUY the music, so you can't burn CDs or make other copies, but you can have the app on computers, tablets and smartphones, so the music goes with you wherever you want. (Offline mode is most useful when you’re overseas because international roaming costs can be astronomical.) Here’s another reason to go offline: When Spotify is open and constantly streaming music from the cloud, it can drain your mobile device’s battery somewhat. Switching to Offline mode can help prolong the time between charges. Apr 08, 2019 You can go offline on Spotify on Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android. The Bottom Line. To your delight, it's not quite tricky to listen to Spotify offline without Premium. Although there are some limitations on a free account, it can't stop the exploration of music. Oct 26, 2017 A Spotify Premium account (check out our guide on how to get a no-strings free trial of Spotify Premium) An iPhone. Any will do, as long as it's running iOS 5.0 or later (our walkthrough for.

Spotify Premium plan also comes with the Spotify Connect feature, with which you can stream Spotify music to multiple smart speakers, like Sonos, Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.


When Spotify app is available for smart speakers, you can directly connect Spotify to the target speaker and define Spotify music as the default streaming music service. Here, we will take Sonos as example to show how it works.

Step 1. Download Sonos app on your computer and launch it to navigate to 'Music' bar and hit on 'Add Music Service' button to select 'Spotify' option. And then you will be required to Spotify account for Premium.

Step 2. Open Spotify app on your device and play one Spotify playlist. Then tap the 'Devices Available' option, where you can choose Sonos speaker as the target device. Now, Sonos speaker will play Spotify songs.

How can i listen to spotify offline on my iphone for free

Note: Please make sure your Sonos speaker and device are under the same WiFi network. As for the detailed tutorial on playing Spotify on Sonos speaker, please visit this page: How to Play Spotify Music on Sonos.