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Sliding Scale Payment Options

Radically Rooted's intention is to model economic integrity. We strive to make our training financially sustainable and as inclusive as possible. Our current Sliding Scale Payment Option is a combination of collectivist and egalitarian to create an investment that recognizes, honors, and celebrates the various circumstances, abundance, and opportunity which exists the breath of human experience. 

Tropical Leaves

Thank you to "intersectional herbalist, witch, and weaver" Alexis Cunningfolk for developing an alternative investment model that widens access to opportunities.

1. Aspen

Like the Aspen, your roots are part of a larger, thriving organism. Your resources are abundant and plentiful. Your financial needs are not only met, but consistently exceeded. 

Pay-It-Forward: $900 ($75/wk)

Unlimited Aspen spots available.

Forest Trees

2. Giant Sequoia

Like the Giant Sequoia, you are resilient and feel secure. You are capable of weathering the storm and enduring hardships.Your financial needs are consistently met .


Actual Cost of Training: $600 ($50/wk)

Unlimited Giant Sequoia spots available

Dry Tree Trunk

3. Live Oak

Like the Live Oak, you are exceptionally strong and adaptable. Although 

your financial needs might not always be met, you are resourceful and creative in making ends meet in order to survive.

Discounted Rate A: $360 ($30/wk)

Twelve (12) Live Oak spots available.

Coconut Trees

4. Coconut Palm

Like the Coconut Palm. you offer more than almost any tree. Although meeting your financial needs can seem like a constant struggle, you can rely on your talents to trade skills, ideas, and services as your strive to make your dreams come true.

Discounted Rate B: $240 ($20/wk)

Six (6) Coconut Palm spots available.

Payment Plants & Scholarships

Any of the above payment options can be distributed evenly into weekly payments.

Interested in applying for a needs-based scholarship? We are committed to breaking down barriers to accessibility and eager to offer a small handful of 100% full-tuition scholarships.