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Radically Rooted  

Program Overview:

Radically Rooted is a 12 week online Social Justice Yoga Teacher Training that focuses on healing, transformation, activism, and social change.

What to Expect:

  • A deep dive into personal exploration and self-inquiry

  • To participate in experiential workshops and discussions rooted in healing traumas caused by racism, sexism, colonialism, patriarchy, and other cultural and historical factors that have contributed to marginalizing, silencing, oppressing, violating, and erasing our own identities and sense of place in this world

  • To develop an expansive toolbox for teaching inclusive and accessible yoga for anyBody, rooted in equity, activism, and sacred community

  • To practice cultivating authentic mind-body awareness as a method for activating generational healing, racial healing, and authentic expression

  • To expand your personal & professional capacity for self-care, self-love, community care, and transformation

  • To be qualified, and hopefully inspired, to incorporate emBodied yoga school practices into your personal self-care routine and professional settings

  • To receive a Yoga Alliance-approved Yoga Teacher Certification

    • This certification will recognize your ability to facilitate socially-just community experiences plus teach emBodied yoga classes, workshops, and retreats to a wide range of populations

      • Paid teaching opportunities are offered through Yoga Alliance

Who should consider this revolutionary training?

  • Current and aspiring teachers and educators

  • Adults of all ages seeking to expand their resume and professional offerings

  • Humans working with historically marginalized populations

  • Community members who want to make a significant impact on the world in which we live

  • Individuals who want heal and offer healing to others

  • Individuals who want to transform pain and oppression into joy and empowerment


  • 2021 Start Dates: March 20th & September 18th

  • 10 weekend intensives & twice weekly 2-hour emBodied yoga sessions

    • Click here for March schedule​

  • Sliding scale payment options for humans from all walks of life

"Radical simply means grasping things at the root." 

- Angela Davis

Meet The Team


Bri Boertman

Founder & Director of EmBodied Yoga School
Radically Rooted Lead Trainer

Founder & Director of Deva SoulJourneys

Therapeutic Yoga Instructor

I started practicing yoga in my early twenties. I loved how it made me feel. It literally changed the face of my life. I was less angry, more compassionate. I felt whole, less fragmented. After years of struggling with my relationship to my body, my body felt healthy for the first time since I could remember.

I became a certified yoga teacher and offered many classes, workshops, and retreats for womyn and teens from all walks of life. Ten years ago, inspired by my deep connection with teens and young adults, I started a company called Deva Healing Center. My vision for programming was born out of a bone deep desire to create sacred space where womyn and teens from all walks of life could come together to cultivate voice, resiliency, and healing through yoga, creative expression, and multi-week adventure expeditions called Deva SoulJourneys. Summer Search loved the idea and we have developed a thriving partnership over the last eight years. 
Now, at the turn of 2020, I embark upon a new chapter in a time of viral pandemic and social isolation: Social Justice Online Yoga Teacher Trainings. In collaboration with Maddie (Boston Summer Search and Deva SoulJourney alumna) and her partner, Jordan, we are offering a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Approved Registered Teacher Training (RYT). 

Although I have spent over 3,000 nights finding solace and sleeping in wilderness settings throughout my adult life, I am again turning to yoga to affect change, create connections, deepen resiliency, and offer in-roads for transformation and healing. 

I intimately know my whiteness and all it has afforded me in this life. I strive to be an ally, an anti-racist, and a co-conspirator to bring a close to this chapter of history that has perpetuated  marginalization, oppression, alienation, and silencing of people with less privilege, less power, less voice. 
Throughout my own own journey of learning to reclaim and heal my body-mind-spirit, meaningful experiences with yoga, creative self-expression, and wilderness have been transformative pathways and sacred spaces for my healing soul.

Join me, and like-minded others, along this deeply profound and healing journey into Self.

To ask questions or to apply, email us!

We strive to break down barriers to access.

That is why our application process is a straightforward email inquiry and an optional informational form designed for us to learn more about you,

followed with a scheduled phone call with one of our

 Radically Rooted lead trainers (Maddie, Bri, and/or Jordan)

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