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There is no easy way to delete the current playing song in a playlist on Spotify. You simply share the song with this app and it deletes it from the playlist for you. Or, you could open the app while playing the song. The system will detect the current playing song and playlist and help you to delete it easily.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch arrives with several upgrades. Other than the cool customization features and fitness tracking, this smartwatch sports a uber cool Always On Watch feature. Also, you could connect your Bluetooth earphones to it. Most importantly, the Galaxy Watch also came with the ability to add offline songs. Neat.

  1. This app works only on PCs but not on Android or iPhones. DRmare is a Spotify ads remover tool, which helps the users to download songs from Spotify without any ads. Users just have to login to the website and drop the links on the DRmare app. Users have to choose the format and the songs from the app will be downloaded.
  2. If you subscribe to Spotify Premium, you can download music and podcasts in advance to listen to offline. Start by tapping Spotify's green and black icon in the app drawer. Downloading content can use a lot of data, so it's best to connect to Wi-Fi before you continue.
  3. On Windows 10, go to the desktop Spotify app. Highlight the first song you want to remove from the heinous 'Liked Songs' playlist. Hold shift, highlight the last song. Right click on the three dots (. More) beside the last song.THIS DOESN'T WORK IF YOU LEFT CLICK THE THREE DOTS. Selec.
  4. The first method to download music from Spotify to Android is by using a really cool application called iMusic.This Spotify music downloader Android provides a simple and free way to download music from Spotify and save it straight to your Android mobile phone. IMusic is an all-rounder for meeting all your music demands, making it possible to download music from a number of websites including.

But as I have now grown to realize, after using the watch for around six months, you can become bored of these stored songs pretty soon. And in the long run, you are bound to come across this scenario sooner than later. Of course, the situation is the same for apps as well.

Whether it’s our habit of being disloyal to apps or we are scared of our devices running out of storage, uninstalling or removing apps is part and parcel of our lives. The mantra is simple — remove the old and welcome home the new ones. Then there’s this habit of Samsung placing some unwanted (and sometimes unnecessary) apps on its devices.

So if you are someone like me who is looking to remove old music tracks and uninteresting apps from your Samsung Galaxy Watch, here’s what you should do.

Remove song from spotify on android apps
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How to Remove Music from Galaxy Watch

Here’s how you can delete those files from your Galaxy Watch.

Step 1: On your Galaxy Watch, navigate to the Music Player app and tap on Open app. And, quite obviously, this will open the music app. Make sure that the music source is set to Watch.

Next, swipe up on the screen to bring up all the list of songs, playlists, and albums.

Step 2: If you want to delete tracks individually, scroll down until you see the Tracks option, and select it. Now, hit the tiny three-dot menu on the left side, as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3: Next, hit the Delete icon. At this point, you'll be asked to select the songs that you want to be removed. All you have to do is scroll down the list and choose the tracks.

Once you’ve selected all the tracks, hit the Delete button and that’s all.

However, deleting hundreds of songs in this manner can be a pain. Hence, if you remove all the offline songs from your Samsung Galaxy Watch, tap on the little Zero-icon at the top. That is the Select All function for your smartwatch.

And you know the rest, tap on the Delete button and let your watch handle the rest of the job, as you get ready to welcome new songs aboard your watch.

You can also do the same for playlists or albums.

Like any music player, you can also set the player of your watch to shuffle or repeat your songs. After all, it’s smart, right? OK, I went a bit too far here.

On a serious note, you can also star a song or switch the volume levels on your Galaxy Watch. To do so, open the Music Player app, and tap on the tiny three-dot icon at the right side. Select the option you like best. Yes, you can thank me later.

Cool Tip: Want to reach the Music widget instantly? Simple. Reorder the widgets via the Galaxy wearable app’s Widgets function. Alternatively, long-press on any widget on your Galaxy Watch and drag it to the position of your choice.
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How to Easily Remove Apps from Galaxy Watch

Thankfully, on your Samsung Galaxy watch, it’s quite easy to uninstall the apps you don’t need. However, you’d need the Galaxy Wearable app connected to your phone for this process to work.

On your phone, open the Galaxy Wearable app and select Apps. Scroll down until you see the app you want to remove.

Tap on the card and hit the Uninstall button. Do note that you can’t remove built-in apps like Music, Settings, or Galaxy Apps.

To make your work even easier, tap on the three-dots menu, and select Uninstall. Now, tap on the Minus-icon on the right side of each app. Simple and sweet.

Pro Tip: Just like widgets, you can also change the order of apps. To do so, tap on the three-dot menu and select Reorder.

However, you can’t remove or uninstall all the apps (yes, Weather app, I am looking at you). That is usually the scene with apps that have been added by your carrier or Samsung. Plus, there are the ones that are crucial to your watch’s daily running. Thankfully, you can have the widgets removed.

To do so, navigate to the widget section in the Wearable app and tap on the minus icon beside the widget you wish to remove. The good news is that you can re-enable these whenever you want.

All you need to do is add them again from under the Add widgets section.

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Controls on Your Wrists

The good thing about the Samsung Galaxy Watch is that you get plenty of features and customization options to tweak it the way you want. What’s important is that the process is not rocket science.

All you need to do is explore all the hidden nooks and crannies of your watch (and its companion apps), and you should be master of your watch in no time.

So, which Galaxy Watch feature is your favorite? I am smitten by the reason that it doubles up as a portable music player. Just connect your Bluetooth-enabled earphones and leave your phone behind. After all, your walks (or jogs) should be a distraction-free affair.

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Did You Know

The Seiko TV Watch was one of the first watches to have a built-in TV.

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If you’d like to rip Spotify to MP3 (320kbps high quality) to play it on your MP3 players offline, well, You are in the right place.

This post will show you the best 10 Spotify ripper software programs that help you rip mp3 from Spotify with few clicks.

What is the Spotify ripper?

Mp3 had a long history, but it is still popular. We can play it on any media player and phone.

Spotify ripper is a tool that rips high-quality MP3 music from Spotify on your computer and phone. If you have tried to download Spotify tracks with some online Spotify converting sites, you will find out none of them is working. Why? Because Spotify has updated its encryption techniques for music files. Each song file splits into a few OGG format segments, so it is tough to find these segments to form a complete song.

In a nutshell, Downloading tracks from the Spotify server directly is impossible.

Here I will introduce the top 10 Spotify ripping tools using the recording technology to get Spotify to local MP3 files with 1:1 output.

No.1 Cinch Audio Recorder (The best one)

Cinch audio recorder is a neat and useful tool for Streaming music recording. It records Spotify tracks as mp3 with ID3 tags (artist, title, and album) from any online music site like Spotify, Amazon Primary music, and Apple music so that you could enjoy Spotify music on any MP3 player offline.

How to use Cinch audio recorder to rip MP3 from Spotify

Step 1: Download Cinch from the download button below. After you download it on your computer, double click the installation file to install it by following the installing wizard.

Step 2: Launch Cinch, and click the recording button in the upper-left of Cinch’s interface. The software is now ready to record music from Spotify. The default output format is MP3 format. You could also select .wav format as an output format.

Step 3: Playing a Spotify song or playlist, which you want to rip to mp3.

That’s it. The moving graph on the upper center indicates the Cinch is recording. You could quickly find the MP3 files by clicking the folder icon in the Main Cinch interface’s lower-right.

You might wonder why the Cinch is the best one. What’s the difference between this one and other Spotify ripping tools?

Let’s check out the great features of Cinch

1. Save music from any streaming music

This is a primary function being a “Spotify to MP3 converter“, which can rip Spotify to high-quality mp3 without a Spotify premium account. It supported any streaming music like Soundcloud, Apple Music, Google Music with just one click.

2. 100% accuracy of the ID3 tagger

The ID3 tags (artist, title, and album) are important for MP3 files. The Cinch ID3 tagger is so great. I guess no one can beat it.

The ID3 tagger is not only for Spotify tacks but also for your local music. If you have a lot of mp3 music with no ID3 tags on your computer, you could get ID3 tags for those music files automatically with the Cinch audio recorder.

3. Silent recording

Remove Song From Spotify On Android App Download

This recorder adapted CAC Technology, which directly records the music from the core audio. What’s this mean? It means you don’t have to turn the volume to the maximum during the recording process to get the maximum volume for recorded songs. This new technology allows you to record Spotify music (with muted sound) in the library.

4. Spotify ADs removal

If you play Spotify songs with a free account, you will hear the short Spotify ads that start after playing a song. When you record a Spotify playlist, the ADs will record, too. This tool will remove those annoying ads automatically.

Spotify On Android Auto

Note: Spotify has compressed audio down to a bitrate of 160 kbps for a free account on the desktop. Paid subscribers also have a “high quality” bitrate option of 320 kbps audio on desktop.

No. 2 Leawo Music Recorder (Spotify ripper for Mac)

Leawo music recorder is a desktop application for recording Spotify tracks with original sound quality, whether it is a Spotify premium or a free user. Leawo is the only desktop recording program has both Windows and Mac version. And it is only a Spotify recorder with a Mac version. Don’t miss it if you only have a Mac computer.

Download Leawo Spotify recorder as below:

Check the great features of Leawo:

  • It will start recording and split the MP3 tracks
  • Get ID3 tags (titles, albums, and artist) for recorded mp3 tacks
  • There are 2 output formats: mp3 Audio(*.mp3) and wav Audio(*.wav).
  • AD remover
  • It allows burning mp3 tracks to CDs easily

No.3 Audials Tunebite 2020 Premium

The program is a high-quality Spotify recorder. It will rip online music like Spotify songs in MP3, WMA, or AAC format. This works with Spotify and many other streaming platforms like Deezer, Amazon, Napster, and Apple Music.

Want faster-ripping speed? This great software can rip music from Spotify at a double rate. That’s powerful recording software. But that’s not all. Here’s the best part – the program downloads music from Spotify, adds ID3 tags (song title, artist, album, etc.), cover art, and song lyrics to your files (with desired file name).

Audio Output Formats

No.4 Replay Music

Replay Music is an easy-to-use Spotify music converter that rips Spotify songs to MP3 format without a Spotify premium account. Another critical feature is the naming and sorting of files automatically. It costs around $15USD to get a full license.

No.5 Ondesoft Spotify Converter

Ondesoft Spotify Converter is a professional Spotify music converter for Mac and Windows users. It rips high-quality mp3 tracks from Spotify with a faster speed when compared to recording music from Spotify. All converted mp3 keep full ID3 tags like title, album cover, artist.

How to rip Spotify with Ondesoft Spotify Converter?

  1. Dragging and dropping a song, albums, or playlists from Spotify to the Ondesoft’s interface to import Spotify songs. You could add songs by copy-and-paste a Spotify playlist URL into the search bar.
  2. It will search songs by using the titles of your playlist on YouTube or Deezer
  3. Click the “Convert” button. It will start to rip songs from Spotify to mp3 on your local computer.

No.6 Spytify 1.4 (Free)

Spytify is a Spotify music to mp3 converter. It only rips music from the Spotify desktop app. It only has a Windows version at the moment. The best advantage of Spytify is a free open source program.

How to record songs from Spotify with Spytify? It’s easy to record a Spotify playlist with Spytify. Please follow the step by step below:

  1. Download, install Spytify on your Windows PC.
  2. Launch the Spytify and your Spotify desktop application (If you haven’t installed the app on your computer, you could download it here)
  3. Click the recording button in the upper-right on Spytify and select MP3 as output format.
  4. Playing a song or playlist on Spotify

You could find recorded mp3 in the path: …/My Music/, which is the Windows default music folder.

No. 7 iMusic

iMusic is a comprehensive Spotify playlist to MP3 converter from Wondershare company. It allows you to search, manage, record, and convert songs and albums. You could rip Spotify music to MP3 and other popular audio formats like M4A, WebM, OGG, etc.

No. 8 Audacity

Audacity is free multi-track audio editing and recording software for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux. It’s may not intuitive as other Spotify recorder software, but you can follow the video guide below to learn how to use Audacity to record Spotify music and save as mp3. Recording music for personal use is legal, but it will against Spotify copyright 2019.

No. 9 Fildo Spotify ripper for Android

Looking for a Spotify ripper for Android phones? Fildo is the best Spotify ripping app for Android users, and it’s for free. Fildo claimed that they would get iOS soon, but right now, we can only download the Android apk file from the official site.

How to use Fildo to rip Spotify music?

  • Step 1: Download Fildo Spotify to MP3 converter for Android APK here (Only available on the official site)
  • Step 2: Install on your Android phone and launch it.
  • Step 3: Go to the “More” tab on the bottom and choose “IMPORT SPOTIFY. “ Log in your own Spotify account.
  • Step 4: Once you have imported the playlist, open it, and all songs will show up. Tap the 3 dots icon on the right of a song chooses “Download” to save the song to the local phone.

After the download is finished, you can find all the ripped songs saved in the folder called “FildoDownloads“.

No. 10 Spotify ripper for iPhone

Since we have Fildo for Android users, what we got for iPhone users? Well, you don’t need to install any app on the iPhone to rip Spotify. You could rip Spotify song with Siri shortcuts without a Spotify premium account. Please checked the YouTube video to show you how to download Spotify with Siri shortcuts.


I have pushed all the best Spotify ripper programs in front of you. They work great for Spotify free and premium accounts. Now it is your turn. Choose your favorite Spotify music converter and start to rip music from Spotify.