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2 Leawo Music Recorder (Spotify ripper for Mac) Leawo music recorder is a desktop application for recording Spotify tracks with original sound quality, whether it is a Spotify premium or a free user. Leawo is the only desktop recording program has both Windows and Mac version. And it is only a Spotify recorder with a Mac version.

Small Spotify Playe Mac App

#Top 1. Mighty

As Spotify's first partner in the offline streaming music space, Mighty Audio is trying to sell die-hard Spotify fans a portable MP3 player, Mighty that can play Spotify music offline without a phone.

Small Spotify Playe Mac

Spotify Small Player

Featuring with 8GB of internal storage, Mighty Spotify MP3 player will be able to store about 1000 songs at Spotify Premium's highest quality audio and wok well at up to 15 hours of continuous playback. As a professional MP3 player, it also enables users to sync local MP3 files for playback.

The Mighty music player is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled. Audio officially provides a mobile app for Android and iOS, which allows users to transfer songs and playlists from Spotify to Mighty via the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

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To listen to Spotify music on the best Spotify portable player, you need to install the app to your phone and link your Spotify account, connect Mighty and your phone to the same Wi-Fi, and then you just need to choose favorite Spotify playlist that you'd like to play on Mighty.

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Once playlists from Spotify are synced over Wi-Fi through the phone app, you can start to enjoy Spotify music on this portable Spotify player without an Internet-connected smartphone.