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This guide will show you how to change the location where Spotify stores any files that you flag to download in order to be able to play them when you’re offline. This can be particularly helpful if you have a large library and want to store it on an external drive.

ps. If you’re an Android user, you may want to check out this guide for instructions on how save Spotify files on an SD card instead of the internal storage.

Note: this screenshots/images used in this guide are from macOS. If you use the Windows version of Spotify, the steps are nearly identical.

  1. Open the Spotify Preferences by selecting Spotify from your Menu Bar, and then Preferences from the pull-down list. Windows users: select Edit and then Preferences…
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Spotify Preferences and click the SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS
  3. Scroll down until you find the section titled Offline Songs Storage. Click the CHANGE LOCATION button.
  4. Now select the folder where you want Spotify to save files for offline listening etc. It’s worth mentioning that Spotify creates a bit of a ‘mess’ when it stores files – it utilizes a lot of coded folder and file names. You will almost certainly want to create a specific folder to store all of the other folders that Spotify will create.

    When you’ve selected the new location, restart Spotify.

  5. When you re-start Spotify it’ll move all of the files to the new location. As illustrated in the screenshot below, it does create a rather confusing series of folders with just as “strangely” named files inside them. It’s OK – you’re not meant to really be sorting through them, it’s just the way Spotify stores things.

Spotify is all the music you’ll ever need. Skip to content. Spotify Click the install file to finish up. If your download didn't start, try again. It's well-designed for Spotify users to download music, playlists from Spotify offline. Besides, it endows you the ability to convert Spotify songs to MP3, FLAC, and other formats to play Spotify offline on other devices, including Fossil Gen 5. This way also works for free Spotify users to play Spotify music on Fossil smartwatch offline. It's well-designed for Spotify users to download music, playlists from Spotify offline. Besides, it endows you the ability to convert Spotify songs to MP3, FLAC, and other formats to play Spotify offline on other devices, including Fossil Gen 5. This way also works for free Spotify users to play Spotify music on Fossil smartwatch offline. Next, select 'INSTALL' to initiate the install process. Once the install is complete you are ready to start streaming! To install other APPs on the player, repeat the steps above for each service. Music Streaming App Offline Mode Support. Some apps such as Spotify and Tidal support offline mode. Downloads storage. If your Android device has an external SD card, you can download Spotify music to it, instead of the device's internal memory. Tip: Make sure your SD card has at least 1GB free space. The storage option only appears if your SD Card is available and accessible. Tap Other, then Storage.

Listening to songs is a time pass for some, and relaxation for another person, where every individual has a peculiar taste and choice of music. There are many online music mobile applications in the market of which Spotify is the most popular, that provide a wide range of selections for instant listening. But the most critical question is, “can you listen to Spotify offline?”

The advent of apps like Spotify has made it easier for people to search authentic music anytime and hear it directly from the application. But this feature of Spotify costs a lot of internet data even if you listen to the same track, and more annoying are the advertisements that pop-up on the screen. It is one of the critical reason why people want to know that does Spotify work offline.

There are practically two particular ways by which you can listen to Spotify offline. The first method is to use the Spotify offline mode that is only available for Spotify Premium users. The more advisable method is to download the Spotify song in a compatible format using the DRmare Spotify Converter, which is the best audio software in its category. Scroll down to understand how to listen to Spotify offline?

Part 1. How To Use Spotify Offline Mode (With Spotify Premium)

Primarily the Spotify is an online music streaming application, which allows its subscribed members to search and listen to the tracks anytime without taking a burden to store them. It offers “Free, Premium, & Family” membership categories, out of which the Premium and Family subscription are paid accounts and have an extra advantage to listen to Spotify offline.

Yes, the Spotify app for Premium (or Family) user accounts has an offline mode feature by which the user can download his choicest music tracks and enjoy them anytime from the app itself. Later you can listen to the downloaded songs on Spotify without internet.

The Spotify app restricts to transfer the songs to other devices, and the downloaded tracks stay on the app until you remove them or the subscription period ends. There is a specific limit of a maximum 10,000 downloads per device, and even if you like a single song from a particular Album but you still have to save the entire songs from that Album on your playlist.

Download and install the Spotify app on your device, and follow the instructions given below that shows how to listen to Spotify offline.

Step 1.Launch the Spotify app and login with your Premium Account user ID.

Step 2.Look for the song you wish to save as offline with its specific title.

Spotify Download Offline Installer Software

Step 3. Once you get the song on the screen, switch to turn-On the button next to the “Download” option, towards the right side. It shows a green colour.

This process will save the songs in an offline mode on your device, and you can listen to them from the downloaded playlist without turning-On the internet.

Part 2. How To Download And Listen To Spotify Offline (With Spotify Free)

The Premium account on Spotify has the offline mode for the users, which is useful to some extent but has a lot of limitations too. The only benefit it renders is to save the internet data that gets consumed a lot while repeating the same song. The continuous data flow bothers a lot of free Spotify members who usually question on the panel, “can I listen to Spotify offline.”

The DRmare Spotify Music Converter tool is the best alternative to those who wish to be entertained on Spotify without internet. With the help of this software, you can comfortably download all your preferred songs on the computer. The tool has a feature with which it can convert the music into any of the required output format, such as, MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.

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The songs downloaded are free and forever on your PC, and can be shared on any number of devices without any restriction of playing on any particular application, player, or medium. The most notable fact in using the DRmare Spotify Music Converter to listen to Spotify offline is that it can extract the music even in free Spotify memberships, and the user in no way has to worry about purchasing the Premium subscription.

The speciality of DRmare Spotify Music Converter is in maintaining the purity of the sound quality on any of the downloaded tracks, with all the Titles and Tags. Unlike the Spotify offline mode, here you can download individual songs from the albums and save them on the system hard disk forever in most compatible formats.

A free trial version of DRmare Spotify Music Converter is available for instant testing of the tool, while for the complete tool you need to buy the paid edition.

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How To Use DRmare Spotify Music Converter:

To listen to your favourite songs from Spotify without internet, you need to first download and install the DRmare Spotify Music Converter on your Windows/ Mac PC. The software will help you to download the song on the computer hard disk, and later it gets converted to set output format.


Step 1.Launch the DRmare tool, which will also open the Spotify application.

Step 2.Type the name of the song into the Spotify song-search area.

Step 3. The song search result shows a song link, which you have to copy down, or simply drag it to the DRmare search location.

Step 4. After the link is pasted, the DRmare will provide a “Preference” window.

Step 5. In the preference window, choose the song output details, like Music Format, with Bit Rate, and Channel.

Download Spotify Windows 10 64 Bit Offline Installer

Step 6.Click on the “Convert” button after you finish with the output settings.

The songs and music that you have downloaded get saved in a folder. Now you can freely listen to them anytime, or copy them to your mobile devices.

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Enjoying songs on Spotify app is trending a lot among mobile users, as it provides instant music to the listener. Since Spotify online music consumes a lot of data and has many other disadvantages too, the Premium Spotify account users can opt to download the song on the application, using the Spotify offline mode.

Spotify Download Offline Installer Download

The offline mode does answer your query, “can I listen to Spotify offline,” but is still not very fruit-full because it can neither be transferred nor can be used for any other purposes. The DRmare Spotify Music Converter is a far better option to listen to Spotify offline, as it gets saved on your hard disk forever with equal sound quality and required format.